Wednesday, 28 September 2016

10 Days Weight Loss Diet Plan

Assuming that there is a gathering of 100 corporate professionals and suddenly someone is asking that how many of you are interested to know about a quick, simple and easy to follow a 10 days weight loss program that could make you look smarter. So, what would be the probable response? Try it out in small or big gathering of any class of society or on any occasion, the response would be a big yes from many.

This is how we are placed today in our life. We are living a fast paced life but many of us are ignoring the serious repercussions of a dis-balanced life style, in short, an unhealthy life style. As a result, several diseases, primarily called life style diseases these days like arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension, obesity, (the list is long), etc. have become an unwelcomed, disliked but unavoidable part of our day to day life.

Are we earning money for our family, for having fun or for simply paying hospital bills after crossing 40-45 years of age?

Although, there is no alternative of a healthy life style and seriousness towards maintaining good health, still there are numerous people who are interested to find out quick, simple and easy to follow diet plans to get rid of some extra weight to look better and feel lighter. However, reducing extra weight through any diet plan alone is not comparable with the routine that embeds light to moderate exercise for 4-5 times a week.

Anyway, let’s concentrate on the main topic.

Is it actually possible to get rid of few extra kilograms of weight by simply following a diet plan only for 10 days?

Will it make you starve and will it make you feel weak and will it make you sick?

Will it have any side effect?

The questions are many but the answer is very simple, as long as you are not suffering from any special medical condition, this special 10 days diet plan will only make you feel better and lighter after 10 days.Secondly, this diet plan does not promise any miracle like several such diet plans available on numerous webpages claiming to make you lose up to 10-15 pounds or sometimes even more.

This 10 days diet plan simply helps you lose some body weight that you have put on during some of the weekend munching and stuffing with your favorite dishes or those extra kilos that you have gained during your recent parties.

Irrespective of the reasons best known to you due to which you have put on weight, one thing is very sure that you are going to feel better after 10 days.

So, after all these blabbering, what exactly is this diet plan?

ARE YOU READY? Here we go.


Option 1: 1 apple, 1 banana, 1-2 pieces of whole wheat bread and 100 grams low fat curd.

Option 2: 2 boiled eggs without yolk, one medium size boiled or baked potato and 200 ml low fat milk.

Option 3: 1 bowl of corn flakes with low fat milk (without extra sugar) and 150 grams pineapple.

Option 4: 1 bowl of puffed rice or roasted poha, 1 orange and 100 grams low fat curd.

Option 5: 1 boiled sweet potato, 1 bowl of sprouted grains of your choice and 200 ml low fat milk.

PRE-LUNCH MEAL (to be taken 2 hours before lunch):

Option 1: 1 orange and a handful of any roasted snack like black gram or boiled corn. Avoid too much use of salt and spices.

Option 2: 200 grams pineapple and 2-3 digestive or marie biscuits

Option 3: 1 bowl of sprouted grains of your choice

Option 4: 1 banana and a medium bowl of roasted pop corn

Option 5: 1 guava and 150 ml fruit juice of your choice (don’t add extra sugar or salt)


Option 1: 2 whole wheat or multigrain chapattis, 1/2 bowl pulse of your choice, 1 bowl of green vegetable (no potato) and cucumber salad.

Option 2: 1 medium bowl of brown rice, 1/2 bowl pulse of your choice, 1 bowl of green vegetable (no potato) and tomato salad.

Option 3: 1 medium bowl of tomato pasta (no cream or cheese to be added) and tomato or cucumber salad.

EVENING SNACK (to be taken 2 hours before dinner)

3-4 biscuits of any whole grain of your choice and green tea with lime, ginger and honey.


1 whole grain chapatti, 1 bowl green vegetable and salad of your choice.


Take a glass of warm water every morning with 2 tea spoons of honey and 2 tea spoons of fresh lemon juice. Also drink one more glass of warm water along with this.Never skip breakfast or any of the planned meals.Drink at least 10-12 glass of water. Avoid drinking too much of cold water.Prefer using olive oil or any other oil with omega 3 fatty acid or fish oil. Don’t use more than 2-3 tea spoons of oil per day. Don’t use extra spice, salt or sugar (prefer using sugar free instead of normal sugar) in your meals.This diet plan consists of meals broken into smaller proportions and has to be consumed in the given proportions only. Don’t combine any of the two or more meals just to complete the meals.Options for meals are given to ensure availability of tasty options. Don’t repeat any of the meal options consistently for two days.If you feel hunger, simply add skimmed milk, any fruit of your choice or fresh fruit juice in any of your meals. Don’t add this more than once or twice a day.As mentioned earlier, don’t expect any miracle out of this diet plan. You can simply boost your fitness goals by adding this balanced diet plan in your routine. Results may vary from individual to individual and the individual is himself responsible for any specific side-effect or allergy from any of the given food items here.Add some light to moderate exercise or any sports in your routine at least 4 times a week. It will ensure that your body consistently walks on the path of enhancing your fitness and well-being.If you have any doubt about the given diet plan, please consult your Doctor before starting it so that any consequences due to any specific medical condition does not appear.

All the best! See you lighter and fitter after 10 days!

Post your feedback and results.