Thursday, 8 September 2016

Heartbeat- Ye Dil Ka Mamla Hai

You have got one heart only, take good care of it...

Today, India is a country with highest number of cases reported for heart diseases and it's very common to see some of our relatives, neighbours, friends and other known ones suffering from heart ailments more frequently than couple of decades ago.

Recently, one of my close relatives passed away due to severe heart attack. It was the 3rd time he got the cardiac attack and couldn't survive because of several reasons like lack of immediate medical assistance, his sixty plus age and non serious approach towards his health care despite knowing the fact that he already had this suffering earlier.

Even more strange and shocking incidence I came across recently is when I heard one of my friends of around 35 years of age suffered from an acute heart attack which he survived post surgery. But, it was really shocking due to his age and simple medical conditions (there was no visible sign of ill health as he has nearly normal weight, not very abrupt life style and no such family history).

So, looking at these cases and lot many around us, we are forced to rethink that what is the age after which we should undergo routine health check ups every year or even twice a year. Is it after 40 years, 35 years or even as low as 30 years.

More importantly, it's imperative to keep a check on your overall lifestyle instead of waiting for attaining certain age and relying and deciding upon medical check ups.

So, what's exactly triggering the situations leading towards several health issues including major ones like heart diseases. When we talk about the unhealthy lifestyle then it includes several factors including frequent alcohol consumption, smoking, not keeping a check on what you eat (dumping whatever you wish and love instead of what exactly your body requires), not giving enough time for physical exercise. Lack of proper sleep is also among major factors leading towards multiple health issues. It's quite common to see people ignoring proper sleep in today's fast paced life which is far more dangerous than we think.

Further, many of us tend to give excuses like not having enough time, being in client relationship profile which forces them to drink, not getting enough space to walk or jog, pollution and blah blah blah. But, the real question is that are we seriously too busy to take care of our health. Are we running behind money just to pay it to hospitals later or make our loved ones suffer emotionally and financially.

So, the most important thing is to stop giving excuses and be alert and sensitive enough towards health. A balance diet, regular physical activity and positive approach towards long term good health would solve the entire gamut of problems.

What is a balance and controlled diet. Lets take example of a car which has a fuel tank of 40 liters capacity. Can you fill the tank with 50 liters of fuel? You can't because it simply can't handle and doesn't require at all. Also, unless you use the fuel and empty the tank partially or completely, you can't refill the tank as well. Same goes with human body. It needs a defined quantity of food every day, neither less nor more. So, you should simply eat as and when you consume and require and not all the time and everything without keeping a check.

Engaging in some sports or any form of physical activity is necessary for all age groups and no excuse should be there. The more you make your body work regularly, the more it will get endured. We work entire day to meet our needs but not to meet Doctors, it's better to take out time for our body and fitness instead of devoting time for Doctors clinic and hospitals.

Routine health check ups on a regular interval of 6 months or 1 year is highly recommended as it helps become preventive.

You live once, better take care and make your life count.