Friday, 16 September 2016

Online scam behind pet adoption- Beware

When I brought my first Labrador home, I had no idea that I will like it so much that I would like to have other dogs in my house. As I wanted to have another one in my house, I searched online for available pets for adoption and soon I found that there are plenty, however, it's really difficult to figure out the genuine availability for adoption.

I searched on as well and was hooked on with an add which read about available Maltese for adoption. I tried contacting him through given email ID and soon after interacting with him through email I developed a feeling that he could be a fraud. I noticed a lot of adds like this which promises to give you exotic pets free of cost but, there are few hidden things which you should look into before getting hooked up so much.

Beware of these important points.

1. They will call themselves foreigners.
2. They will send you a long attractive email to lure you with details of their pets.
3. They will ask you to provide all details like address, nearest airport, mobile, etc.
4. They will never provide their WhatsApp number.
5. They prefer contacting through Facebook chat and you will notice that their Facebook account is recently created just to fool people.
6. Finally, they will ask you to pay 50% advance of courier charges and they will provide you the account details of an Indian. If you further ask them, they will tell you that he is his friend who is helping him settle down in India. If you ask his friend's number, he will be silent.

Many pet lovers may get lured in to deposit the advance as it looks so attractive to get the exotic breeds almost free but it's a big scam going on.

One of such incidences happened with me recently where I was about to pay the 50% advance but then I thought of the above mentioned points and kept away from this.

You can see the copy of email conversation here for reference and to spread awareness.

I want to adopt your Maltese. I am in Gurgaon. How and where can we meet.

I am presently in Kerala and will like to know when you want to take your own and which of the puppies will you want to get ?

I want to take the Maltese. How can you deliver it to Gurgaon.

i will use a local delivery agency to do the delivery so will like to know how soon that can be done and for the delivery i shall need the following
Your complete names, Your home or work address for the delivery, city and zip code, phone numbers and, nearest airport to your location
with these documents i shall be able to put all paper works in place and enable the delivery agency to located your home with the puppy so if you are ready today then provide these information so i can start now

Shashank Srivastava
Postal Code- XXXXXX
Nearest Airport- XXXXXX
Mobile- +91-XXXXXXXXXX

Ok good I will also like to inform you that you shall be required to deposit 50% of the payment before delivery takes place and the other 50% after delivery if you are ready to receive the puppy today let me know so I will Send you bank details where you shall make the deposit

I know it's a trap. I can't pay the money in advance. Try fooling someone else.

What are you talking of that it is a trap i am not forcing you to take my puppy okay you can as well look somewhere else.

What's the guarantee that you will not run away after taking advance.

why would i run when you have my bank details that i can be traced with and besides how much are we even talking of that one can run with

Ok. Send me details. Also send me the pictures of puppy and its certificate if any. Don't mind, I have lost money like this earlier.

when do you want to make the deposit ?


Sorry I couldn't get back to you earlier was so busy and got Back so late this is the account details
Icici bank
Acc Name..Ravindra kumar
account no-097501512081
IFSC code-ICIC0000975

Whats your WhatsApp no

I don't use whatsapp here but we can chat on Facebook if you wish

Any mobile number?

Sorry I have been busy throughout you can reach me on +14782175182

Any Indian number?

I don't have an Indian number

But, how do you have an Indian account?

The account is that of a friend who ah as been helping me here since I came. You know I am not legible to have an account here

Can I have his number

You have my number since you are trading with me so it is not proper for me to give you his number

Hey, do one thing, I will personally travel to Kerala and take the puppy. I have official visits to Kerala in coming days. Can I get your address?