Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Why should you do digital detox session?

Imagine a situation when the current generation kids grow up and we tell them that in our childhood there were no mobile, internet or the kind of gadgets we use today. Our Gen-Y kids will be surprised and may even laugh at the situation.

Since, technology has invaded our life and has completely taken over our lifestyle, it's nearly difficult to believe that we could survive without technology few decades back. Today, kids prefer to get glued to the couch and do indoor activities which are primarily technology based.

Out door games have been replaced by play stations, meeting friends have been replaced by video chats, summer vacations are mostly confined to staying within house and doing things on mobile and internet. Search engines like Google are definitely more dominant today as compared with books.

Now friendship means getting connected on social networking websites. Now days, mostly people go on holidays and click photographs primarily to share on social networking. As I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, today participation has a more dominating purpose than actual contribution in any incidence or event.

What is to blame for? Is it technology alone, simply not. A lot more credit goes to our over ambitious, fast paced and complicated lifestyle which has created a dis-balance between living and enjoying the life. Today, we earn but fail to enjoy. We prefer pretending to enjoy our life and to show off that our life is much more interesting and happening than what it actually is.

We can't ignore that technology has encroached our life, physical space has reduced and storage devices have become larger in capacity. Today, we simply get panic if our mobile loses its network or battery starts draining as if we are running out of oxygen for breathing. Our devices getting virus is not lesser painstaking than a real heart attack now. Internet data pack getting exhausted feels like losing blood platelets.

While, technology is really important and it's difficult to give this away completely, still, we should maintain some minimum distance and do away with engrossing technological devices during non-working hours and holidays. We should get some freedom from digital intoxication for our loving family. If our kids are becoming addicted of it, the onus is completely on us to not let them become engrossed with devices too much.

Ultimately, we are born humans and better remain like this instead of becoming slaves in hand of digital devices.