Saturday, 18 March 2017

Uber- The story of deteriorating standards

Uber has been a hit in India ever since it launched its service. However, there are instances where Uber has failed to maintain certain standards in terms of quality of cars and drivers they rope in for the business. Now days, many of the cars are found poorly maintained and quite dirty. Even the behavior and attitude of the drivers are deteriorating. Uber really doesn't care about the age of the car, it's maintenance schedule done by owner/ driver and the way drivers keep the car. Currently, apart from the feedback given by the rider, Uber doesn’t have any mechanism or process in place to check the quality of service given by the drivers.

I recently had some ugly experience when I booked a cab from Delhi airport to Gurgaon. This was so far the worst experience with Uber. The driver doesn't deserve to be an Uber driver. The car was dirty, noisy and rattling. I guess Uber has no concern with the quality of cars being used now. The driver was unprofessional, driving rash with annoying honking.

When the ride started, he was using Facebook and when I asked him to stop, he replied "it's not a big deal and it should be fine with me". Further, he started calling him someone and when I warned him,  I got the same casual reply. He didn't pulled up the door windows and started the AC till the time I reminded him again and again. He was chewing pan or gutkha while driving which was clear from the foul smell in car. I also suspect that he was drunk seeing his overall behavior. He was continuously opening the gate of driver side while car was cruising at high speed to spit out the pan masala.

Such things are really scary and doesn't differentiate an auto from an Uber cab. It compromises the safety of passengers big time.

Initially, I thought not to post any complaints about the episode but this should serve as an example to all and many others like us should not compromise their safety.

The good part is that I reached home safely although the ride was not at all comfortable.

I highlighted the matter to Uber and they refunded the amount after basic enquiry. But, I really hope, Uber will take necessary action against such drivers as this is not what we pay for while hiring Uber.